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You are in London this WeekEnd ? You want to buy some cool, affordable and original artworks ?
Come to our (3Megabits) small exhibition during the opening days of our studios.

Ne les cherchez pas.

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Do not tease them !

Big resolution if you click on the thumbnails !!!

Celle la, je lui prédis disons entre 3 et 5 commentaires en fonction de la date de la prochaine mise à jour. J'essayerai de viser plus haut la prochaine fois... genre 10.

Just to let you know, 3Megabits is going to do some live art with Jim Mahfood and Scott C. on friday and saturday night in london. More info on Jim's blog and soon on 3megabits blog

Come !

Madame Sardine + Primavera

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2 new drawings.
The first one done with my fav pencil eva, the Pitt Oil Base by Faber Castell. Soft with a a great range of grey.
The second one with pen and markers.

Hope you'll like 'em

as usual click on thumbails for bigger version