One MonkeyGirl A day #1

Posted by Barth On 30.8.09 4 commentaires

About two weeks ago, I decided to do one Monkeygirl a day until I get 100.
They're all (but one so far) done on paper with ink and markers without CG colours, as I want to keep them presentable (and saleable...) for a show.
I didn't post everything on the blog, but there was no reason for that, so here is whay you missed so far :

MG Femme Fatale

Again starring Jean-Eudes from "Burning Safari".

4 commentaires:

kalonji a dit…

a monkey girl a day keep the doctor away !

[_] a dit…


Fabian a dit…

Love your Monkey Girl concept!! I hope that when you finish you decide to put hem al together in a book! :)
Have an amazing week!

Luc ADR | moket a dit…

Arrr !!
Love them.
This will definitely be a good reason to go to U.K.
Perhaps the exhibition will take place elsewhere ?