New Departure

Posted by Barth On 4.8.10 7 commentaires

7 months without posting... new record !
Since I'm back in Paris, it has been hard to keep posting stuffs.
To summarize... I was working on Monster in Paris, a 3D animated feature. It should be released next year.
I also did a few commercials works (Aides Graffiti, Citroën The Dog...).
And alongside my fellow 3Megabits colleagues, we rocked a great art event last June with Live painting, screenprintings, body painting, djs... You can check it out on the 3Megabits blog or look for 3Megabits on Facebook.

Thanks for the nice comments and support.

Lil something I did at work wiv my markers.

7 commentaires:

Zeke a dit…

awesome style and pose!

souv a dit…

B. -"ART". H.

SHOo a dit…

Tu viens jouer avec nous? =)

Barth a dit…

Cheers guyz !

SHOo : "jouer" je ne sais pas si c'est le mot, héhé. Mais oui, je vous rejoins en anim' !

executeyk a dit…

Welcome to NZ! Yes, please find time and keep it up :)


Gabriela - juegos de chicas a dit…

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