MonkeyGirl, le retour !

Posted by Barth On 3.10.10 12 commentaires

About a year ago, I challenged myself doing one MonkeyGirl illustration a day, without the use of the computer (but a lil' contrast for the blog purpose only). I initially planned to do 100 but stopped at 40 something... I'm slowly going to try to hit that target again. Maybe not one a day as it's too time consuming for me at the moment, but I'll do my best to keep up a good pace.

Not sure yet the following will be part of that initial collection as I did the colours on a photocopied version of my initial drawing (I like the look of an old B&W copy), but it was a good practice for me to get back on my feet.

So here you go :

A4 Paper
Black And White photocopy

And a little bonus, the religious biatch :

A4 paper
Ink and Markers

12 commentaires:

N.Hall a dit…

Love them :)

Tsuka a dit…


David Ziggy Greene a dit…

Very cool.

Samy "Mandrake" a dit…

enfinnnnn :)

vitalik shu a dit…

so amazing!!!!! )))

XAV a dit…

buenitas chagasses !

Jon (o'.'o) a dit…

hahhaha superbe !
J'adore la religieuse (pas le gâteau hein !)

Bon retour aussi !
J'ai hâte de voir la suite ^^

SHOo a dit…

Ah! Mais quel vilain! Elles sont trop belles!!!! Ça valait le coup d'attendre. Inspirationnnn!

executeyk a dit…

These are HOT! glad to see new posts

kalonji a dit…

monkey girl forever de la balle !!!

Quyt a dit…

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Piotr Lak. a dit…

Awesome – and thanks a lot!
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