How I work

Posted by Barth On 5.3.11 32 commentaires

First of all, thanks for the nice comments about our little digital comix.
I'm currently trying to find some time to do the next chapter but it's not that easy.

Anyway despite all the good feedbacks, I also read some wrong facts (and some annoying ones) about how we did it. So I decided to do a "work in progess" post.

I. Storyboard

Balak wrote the story and did the storyboard.
Here is an example of his drawings I received.

II. Pencilling.

That's where I start.
Even a digital comix is made with paper and real pencils !!!!

III. Inking.

I'm very picky with my own inking work. I do take extra care in every single line, and if I'm not happy with it, I just redo it.
Here is an example of a panel I redid several times.
The left one is the good one the right one is the failed one.
Can you spot the differences ?

Here is a close up shot of the good one

IV. Coloring.

I use grey markers. I usually photocopy my drawings just in case I mess up the grey shading.

With this panel I had to separate the background from the characters.

V. Photoshop

I scan my drawing and tweak it with photoshop.

Then I ask my girlfriend who is a webdesign wizard to do the flash interface !
Finally Marc "Tsuka" took care of the website and the promotion of it.
Huge thanks for both of them.
Et voila !

32 commentaires:

vitalik shu a dit…

fantastic stuff!!!!!

N.Hall a dit…

love it

Cons Oroza a dit…

Wow that's great.

executeyk a dit…

so cool, love seeing process

Barth a dit…

glad you liked it !!

laurent a dit…

Le gros respect

Unknown a dit…

Super cool les coulisses de l'atelier... Bises. Daddy from Neuilly.

C'est qui l'aut' Laurent ?

TnV a dit…

Tu déchires tout mec !

German Torres a dit…

Very nice stuff!

libra bear a dit…

I've been waiting to see something like this. Thanks for sharing, Awesome work.

Unknown a dit…

This is awesome and inspiring beyond the capability of words to describe.

May I ask, what pen/marker do you use for inking?

Howard Shum a dit…

Excellent work!

Fabien a dit…

ha oué... avec des feutres et tout...
ben, ça déchire, hâte de lire la suite !

Gemini a dit…

Super intéressant de voir comment tu travailles, merci pour ce post!

Marcos Mateu a dit…

Friggin' fantastic as always!

Diego F. Goberna a dit…

Impressive! Those drawings and inks are gorgeous, thank you very much for those photos, it's a pleasure to be so close the artwork.. :)

Could you tell us what kind of paper do you use for the pencil, ink & markers?

Keep up the amazing work!

Angy - juegos de princesas a dit…

very good!


Unknown a dit…

Wooow cool

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angiluna3003 a dit…

are magnific

JeffStokely a dit…

Id love to know what kind of pen you use for inking! That flat tip looks so cool, I am intrigued!

Fantastic work, sir Barth.

Hobo Divine a dit…

Beautiful work!!!
Thank you for sharing.

krapula a dit…

Super interesting! And great style!

iklan baris gratis a dit…

It's really amazing, good job!

MH a dit…

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